3i Corporation is always looking for close relationships with its customers, providing the necessary support and information to satisfy them. See below some testimonials.

"I have Technical formation in Electronics, and in 2006, when i had the need to offer to my monitored customer an alternative to the fragile phone line, I've analized all exsiting modules in Brazil, and 3i modules superiority was unbeatable.
I can identify the following strenghts:
The functionalities / estability / ease of use Zeus Server software;
The robust and durable modules electronics design;
The excellent and highly qualified technical support. "

Clovis Diniz – Supervisor - SIGMA

"We are proud to be one of the first customers 3i in Rio Grande do Sul, we've witnessed 3i growth, this growth carved with responsibilty and quality of the products, as the quickly business attendance and especially, the technical support and their aid to our technicians and customers.
We are confident that in the past we've made ​​the right decision beginning this partnership.

Congratulation to the whole 3i staff, and success in the future steps."

Joel Ferreto Ernani - Administrative - Formal Componentes Eletrônicos

"The partnership with 3i exceeded all the Company expectations, quality equipment and an efficient technical support ensures our satisfaction and confidence which allows us to use 3i equipments in our customer."

Marcelo Paulo Rachadel - Orcali

"We work with 3i since the beginning of the GPRS alarm monitoring creation, which began in 2005. We chose 3i as communication partner to our security system due the need of add more security to the alarm monitoring. Over time, 3i was always a reliable partner, and provided much more than the buying and selling relationship, always worrying about the product performance, correct operation and use by our company.
We are pleased and we recommend to electronic security monitoring entrepreneurs the 3i equipments. "

Paulo Roberto Fantin - Patrimonial Segurança

"We have chose 3i as communications partner to the GPRS, Ethernet and CSD security systems due to many problems that we have encoutered with previous partners, and nowadays we are very pleased with the equipment performance, low return rate and a very effective support."

Willian França - Grupo Servis

"Bismark Colombia is a company which found in 3i Corporation a business partner in alarm solutions. Is Gratifying counting with a supplier whose has as it mission handle high quality in their products, which cares about training their distributors and form business relationships on the pillars of ethics, trust and transparency.

The Pégasus solution is well accepted in our country due the equipment good performance, its broad functionality, versatility to meet the differents requirements of market sectors and mainly, the after sales support."

Gloria Niño – Gerente - Bismark Colombia

"Abelenda started working with 3i Corporation products 2 years ago. Equipment electronics is very good and reliable and we did not receive any RMA equipment. That speaks highly of the equipment, note that the 3i Corporation technical support is immediate, with accurate information, giving direct support to our customers if Advanced Software Configuration is needed."

Gonzalo Hoppe - Electronic Technician - Abelenda

"We are really very pleased to complete with 3i five years of a commercial bond that has allowed us the conquest of many alarm monitoring companies in Argentina and to live the experience of sharing positive concepts of a great brand alongside their excellent product quality.
Thanks to this, our different clients, have told us how they are satisfied with the technology, and that is a perceived value which fills us with pride."

Marcelo Perez - SF - TECHNOLOGY

"We work with 3i since 2004, we've chosen 3i due the need of ensure communication reliability to our security system, the experience over the past seven years has brought us positively certain that we've made the right decision, and we use what is best for communication of alarm centrals, in the brand we trust, in 3i we trust, in 3i we believe, it's a faithful relationship, and we can say that the feeling is mutual."

Alexandre Dantas - Grupo Protege

"We use 3i equipment as an excellent backup solution to our customer telephone line, adding a great profit to our business, we can offer more services to our customers base.

3i products have great stability and efficiency, conveying confidence.
Over years, 3i was presented as a provider who is always concerned about adding value to their products, the company has always been on our side when we need help, listening to our problems and solving them in a professional manner, we've been together in the whole product maturation process and today I can say that we are 100% satisfied with our association. "

Marcelo H. Cabbao - Diretor - MCA

"In the business environment, is essential, also for the business survival, offer quality product / service to customers. Nevertheless, it is essential to have excellent providers, or rather, partners. GP Electrônica found that partner! Aside the excellent product (Pégasus module), We count with a high level support from all 3i employees."

Juarez Duarte – Gerente Operacional da GP Eletrônica.

"I think clearly that 3i Corporation deserves all applicable credit both in technical terms, in entrepreneurial and in the human character, this is my standpoint. If you see in their more than a good equipment and tools, quality, honesty, cooperation, friendship ... Well, you will find in 3i Corporation (as I've discovered years ago and I intend to keep), always side by side to those qualities, there are reciprocity. We can say that today we live as friends and partners. Haganá and 3i Corporation, hand in hand."

Rafael Durante - Diretor técnico - Grupo Hagana