About 3i Corporation


3i Corporation was founded in 2002 with the aim of providing innovative solutions in the area of ​​data collection to gather any information, transmit and present them over Internet.

Our work conceives a different view of the worldwide web. We do not see Internet as a mode of entertainment or a way to make payments but as an information channel of the future. Many ways of communication are available, such as telephone line, mobile, satellite, among others.

However, there is a huge lack of products that use it and get the best benefit of this infrastructure. Our goal is exactly to use the infrastructure to provide our customers solutions of the highest technology, simplicity and efficiency.


We have a completely innovative product line and a highly qualified and experienced staff to serve you with utmost dedication. We are constantly looking for our products and employees evolution, through innovative solutions consisting of hardware/software were with the Internet help, can solve problems and reduce process costs in areas like telemetry, automation, asset protection, tracking, among others.

Our customers and employees are our greatest accomplishments. To them we dedicate the best of us, looking for new solutions to their issues according to the need of each, with innovation, quality and fair price.


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