Mercurius is the result of years of research and development for the creation of an automotive device that offers much more than just tracking. Through several innovative features, it's possible to monitor the vehicle location in real time, control the driver´s productivity, establish two-way voice communication with the cabin, execute programmed actions according to a configurable agenda, customize the device operation with the use of scripts written in Java language, and many other unique features. It's definitely the device that offers the best cost-benefit ratio in the market.



  • Up to 10 Geofences (virtual fences), circular or polygonal;
  • Up to 50 routes, with 1000 checkpoints each;
  • Speed limit control;
  • Impact detection with configurable sensitivity;
  • Fuel burglary and low level detection;
  • Tow detection;
  • Abrupt acceleration/deceleration detection;
  • Vehicle maintenance control by running time and/or distance travelled;
  • Driver's fatigue and rest control;
  • Tracking by time interval or distance (configurable), with possibility to limit the number of reports per cycle (Ignition On/Off);
  • 3i Locate: indicates the geo-location based on the nearest GSM towers, in case the GPS signal reception fails (shadow regions);
  • Allows the configuration of which events are going to be transmitted to the server;
  • Transfers events to the alarm monitoring software using Contact-ID, through our Zeus Nx web management software;
  • Direct communication with the tracking software using various protocols;
  • Communication via TCP/UDP (persistent and non-persistent), allowing to configure up to 4 reception links;
  • Communication via SMS with the tracking software, allowing to configure up to 5 telephone numbers to be used by order of priority or sequentially (Round-Robin);
  • Communication via SMS with the Zeus Nx management software, allowing to configure up to 4 telephone numbers;
  • Two-way voice communication via GSM;
  • Phone Book for up to 20 numbers;
  • Stores up to 50 preconfigured SMS messages;
  • Stores up to 150 audio files that can be played locally (speaker output) or through GSM phone calls;
  • Microphone sensitivity and speaker volume adjustment;
  • Stores and executes up to 20 user-created scripts in Java language.


  • 32-bit ARM Cortex Microcontroller;
  • Supports power input voltages from 9 to 24VDC (motorcycles, cars and trucks);
  • 8 digital Inputs that can be configured as panic button (SOS), call control (pickup and hangup), volume control, ignition detection and as generic digital inputs;
  • 5 configurable digital outputs, with support to the "immobilizer" function (fuel pump cut);
  • 2 analog inputs, with 10 configurable triggers;
  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS modem with jammer detector (supports 3G modem);
  • 2 SIM-Cards, supporting up to 2 APNs per SIM-Card;
  • USB port for configuration and debugging.