The Zeus™ Nx Server is the primary element in the Zeus™ Nx Suite. It is an extremely reliable multi-platform server whose main task is to receive all the communication packets transmitted by our devices (via various channels like TCP, UDP, CSD and SMS), save them to the database and send events/occurrences to the alarm monitoring software like a conventional receiver, simulating protocols like Ademco-685, Sur-Gard MLR2-DG, Sur-Gard via TCP/IP and Radionics D6600.

Main Features

  • Multi-platform compatibility: Windows, Linux and Mac;
  • Highly-reliable TCP/UDP communication;
  • Encrypted communication 128/256 bit;
  • Inbuilt DDNS client;
  • Remote monitoring through network using the Zeus™ Nx Monitor;
  • Automatically send e-mail messages to configured recipients to report device’s occurrences;
  • CSD and SMS communication through GSM/3G modem;
  • Automatic database backups;
  • Inbuilt Disaster Recovery tool, allowing the database restore from the Zeus™ Nx Control Center UI;
  • Multilanguage user-friendly interface;
  • Runs as a service;
  • High-scalability, supporting the simultaneous communication with up to thousands of devices.


Minimum Recommended
Operating System Windows 7 (up to 2000 devices) / Linux Ubuntu 12.10 Windows 2008 Server or Windows 2012 Server / Linux Ubuntu 14.04
Processor Intel - i3 – 2.5 GHZ or AMD-II 3.2 GHZ Intel - i7 – 3.3 GHZ or AMD Fx – 3.5
Hard Disk 500GB 1TB

The Zeus™ Nx Control Center is a multi-browser and multi-platform web application, used to manage the operation of our devices like Pegasus™ Nx, Griffon™ Control Panel, iGuard™, among others. It has a very attractive, modern and user-friendly interface.

Main Features

  • Multi-browser compatibility: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera;
  • Modern user-friendly interface;
  • Monitoring of device’s general status, GSM and Wi-Fi signal levels, connections, communications, events, occurrences, and commands
  • User(s) association (with configurable permissions) to devices, device groups and administrator group;
  • Zeus™ Nx Server settings management;
  • Runs as a service;
  • Multi-platform Compatibility: Windows, Linux and Mac;
  • Complete management of our devices like Pegasus™ Nx, Griffon™ Control Panel, iGuard™, among others;
  • Saving of remote commands in database, which will be processed and sent by Zeus™ Nx Server to our devices;
  • Database maintenance: backup/restore, automatic backup and database cleaning;
  • Generate reports in PDF & Excel formats;
  • High-scalability, supporting the connection of multiple users and the administration of thousands of devices.

The Zeus™ Nx Box is a high-performance, ultra-compact nano-computer. It acts as a highly reliable hardware platform where the Zeus™ Nx can be installed and executed. It supports thousands of simultaneous connections from our devices.

Main Features

  • Ultra low-power computer;
  • ARM Cortex processor;
  • DDR3 memory;
  • 2x Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps;
  • RS-232 communication (4 Channels);
  • 3x USB 2.0 ports;
  • 1x mini USB OTG port;
  • Built-in buzzer;
  • Multilanguage user-friendly interface;
  • Remote firmware update;
  • Encrypted communication 128/256 Bit;
  • 2x relay outputs;
  • Built-in tamper switch;
  • 6x navigation keys;
  • 2x status LEDs;
  • Large monochrome display;
  • Power ON/OFF button;
  • System RESET button;
  • Desktop & rack mounting options;
  • Protective enclosure;
  • Compact: 170*124*44mm.

Technical Specifications

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Power Supply
Input Voltage Range 4.5 - 5.5VDC
Maximum Input Current 3000mA
CPU ARM Cortex 32 bit
Network Standard IEEE 802.3u compliant fast Ethernet
Data Rate Full Duplex, 10/100/1000Base Ethernet PHY
Protocols TCP/UDP
Speed Selection 10/100/1000 Mbps
Serial Port
RS-232 Interface DB-15 to 4x DB-9 (cable adapter)
Baud Rate 115200 baud
Use 3 ports for communication with alarm monitoring software
1 port for debug messages
USB 2.0 Device Interface Mini -B
Cable Type USB cable with ferrite core (recommended)
USB Full Speed 12Mbps
USB 2.0 Device Interface 3 x USB 2.0
Cable Type USB cable with ferrite core (recommended)
USB Full Speed 12Mbps
Use External devices (future use)
Operational & Storage
Operating Temperature 0°C - 45°C
Relative Humidity 10-90%, no condensation
Storage Temperature -20 °C -35°C
Tamper Switch
Tamper Type Internal
Use Reports enclosure violation
Enclosure Dimensions
Length 168mm
Width 124mm
Height 44mm